Social Obligation

by Penalty Box

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released March 28, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Kelly at Zoltage Audio.
Album art by Sam Fishel.



all rights reserved


Penalty Box Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff Stomp

Carter - Vocals
Sam - Bass
Jesse- Guitar
Austin - Drums

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Track Name: Glass Ceiling
You grew up in a glass bubble
only seeing what you wanted to see.
You didn't learn when you got in trouble
are you the person you wanted to be?
You think that I should be just like you
and because I'm not I'm a mystery.
You always wonder how I'm happy
living as a fucking so-called nobody.

Will you ever get past your glass ceiling?
Will you see others how they are?
You're not so different than me.

You think your lifestyle makes you normal
surrounding yourself with all the wrong friends.
Your only common ground is superficial
they won't have your back in the end.
But you don't care, you're one of them
happy to follow the fucking trend.
Cause after all you're not like me
someone who's comfortable in their skin.
Track Name: Gut Check (Featuring Justin Chance)
What happens when you point the fucking finger at me
and everyone around you for their lack of sympathy.
No one gives a shit that you made things hard
you've got no one to blame so don't even start

Don't even fucking start.

Everyone around you is tired
tired of hearing how much it sucks.
You're in too deep but it's all on you
I refuse to give a fuck.
You deserve this living hell
you pushed us away when we tried to relate.
I would judge you no matter what
but the least you could do is appreciate.

Reality will hit you like a fist to the gut
but you wouldn't know, you haven't suffered enough.
You tell me it's the hardest time of your life
well your life would be real easy if you fucking lived it right.

You pampered motherfucker
get the fuck out of my face.
You'll never be anything that isn't a disgrace.
Putting lives in danger
begging for our sympathy.
The real world's gonna crush you
I can almost guarantee.
Track Name: Sweatband
We both had some growing up to do
but I'm the only one that followed through.
You think that all the things that we did when we were young
would keep me from noticing the deadbeat you've become.

Now I'd like to see you get your shit together
but I don't want to be there
no fucking way.
I want to see you break away and live your life but do it without me
I'm done with your mistakes.

Done with your mistakes.

Maybe one day you'll figure it out
before someone has to punch you in the mouth.
The ones you pushed away with your selfish shit
they're not gonna be there when you get your wig split.

If you never get your shit together
it was nice knowing you.
Track Name: Genie in a Bottle
Attitude like the world owes you
no one can say no.
A husk of a human being
you are so shallow.
The world sees an angel so pure, so perfect
In eyes of simple-minded idiots, mouth-breathing simps
open your eyes, you're being attacked by a leech.

What's been handed to me has been reciprocated
you're self-entitled and inebriated.

You're fucking pathetic
spoiled past your prime
I cannot fall for your toxic lies.
Toxic words so sugar-coated
empty words so fucking boring.
Empty heart you hold no emotion
plastic heart, spirit broken.
Never been told no, the life you hold
The world is your doormat
your genie's bottle.

You ask for gold, they'll give you the world
when it grows old, rub the bottle.
Another wish, another sap to scavenge
you're bittersweet
you're hideous

I hope one day you feel the wrath
Suffer for once.
Track Name: Frozen Yogurt
Are people just commodities to selfish fucks like you
did you think about their families and the people that they knew?
Did you think about their futures
how you ripped them all to shreds
did you think of them as people when you shot them in the head?

You can set fire to the evidence but you can only hide for so long.
It's only fitting that we watch you burn
if you think you'll make it out you're wrong.

Can you feel the fucking chain reaction
do you even feel at all?
For your sake I hope you don't
cause the curb will break your fall.
Smash your face into the gutter for the torment that you caused.
As your lights go out I promise you'll be hearing our applause.

Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
but you're a filthy fucking monster who will pay for your crime.
You're cold as frozen yogurt on a December night
better get used to their screams
they will follow you your whole life.
Track Name: Flagstaff Stomp
Up I-17 you'll find a rough crowd
impeding motherfucker getting shut out.
You can't stop the stomp
I'm forever at home.
If you've got something to say
dawg hold the phone.
Track Name: Comfort Zone
Never had a problem with who I was
but always dwelled too much on what I would become.
Wake up
walk out
grasp opportunity.
New people, and places
all fucking new to me.
Torn and scared, the risk I run.
These fake ass fools, I want no one.

Nothing bout it is true.
It's a big facade.
Complacency is bliss
for all the wrong reasons.

Life is an error
existing in terror.
Life is an error I cannot fix.
Life is an error
existing in terror
Aware of my shortcomings since I was a kid.

But nothing bout it's true
it's a big facade.
Complacency is bliss
for all the wrong reasons.

Can't make me come forth with bullshit things to hold
Discussion about uncharted waters riddled with bullshit people.
I want out
Rather live my life secluded
away from you all but I'm cursed.
I'm trapped in my comfort zone.
And the truth, it fucking hurts.